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Dispute Resolution & Ethics


REALTORS® abide by the strict standards of the Code of Ethics. If a REALTOR® has failed to meet these standards, you can file a complaint.

Members of the Yuma Association of REALTORS® are under the jurisdiction of the REALTORS® ethics enforcement program administered by the Arizona REALTORS®, the statewide organization.  If your dispute is with a real estate professional who is not a REALTOR®, options may include contacting the Arizona real estate licensing authority.  

Before filing a complaint, consider using an Ombudsman.  According to the Arizona REALTORS® more than three-quarters of all Ombudsman cases are successfully resolved without cost and with only a simple, one-page form to complete.

Contact the Broker

Contact the agent's broker to inform him or her what happened. It could lead to a quick resolution.

Use the Ombudsman Program

A volunteer from the Arizona REALTORS® Professional Standards Committee will listen to your concerns, explain possible resolutions, and answer questions.

File an Ethics Complaint

If contacting the broker and talking to an ombudsman don't resolve the problem, you can file a formal complaint.


This process is used when you think you're owed money based on an agreement.

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Please note that Yuma Association of REALTORS®lacks jurisdiction over an individual’s real estate license which is issued by and held with the Arizona Department of Real EstateFurthermore, the Arizona REALTORS® ethics complaint process cannot provide you with monetary relief. If you believe that a real estate licensee has violated Arizona real estate statutes or the Arizona Administrative Code, you may file a complaint with the Department of Real Estate as alleged violations of Arizona law are reviewed, investigated, and processed through the Department’s Enforcement and Compliance Division.

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